Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Problem with Feminism

The ideology of feminism may be succinctly described as "men and women ought to compete with each other for power, property, or prestige on equal grounds."

Feminism fractures the race into male and female factions competing against each other for cash and prizes.  Competitors only cooperate under duress or with bribes - outcomes they value more than victory in the contest they are engaged in.

Since the two factions must necessarily cooperate to propagate the human race, and since competitors only cooperate under duress or by bribes, feminism must interfere with the propagation of the human race, and has done so.  Since females cannot, generally speaking, compete with men directly on equal grounds (which is why female athletes, in general, compete only against females), feminism must interfere with liberty by bringing men against women on legally unequal grounds, and has done so.

In the end, one way to assure the future of the race - given competitive circumstances - is to (re)enslave women, returning them to their pre-feministic status in the competitive society, only with mechanisms in place to assure the ideology of feminism does not arise again.  The law must in this case punish and eliminate feminism.  Alternatively, women could potentially enslave men - and this is the way the legal system seems to be being directed - fulfilling the emotional purpose of feminism which is female victory.  The law must in that case punish and eliminate dissent from feminism.

The first possibility is relatively aligned with the natural capacities of men and women; the latter seems to me doomed to fail, given men's propensity to misbehave.  When the legal system collapses during civilizational turmoil, I would expect to see patriarchy arise as a matter of course given the strength differential between men and women.

The astute observer will note that the problems listed have a deeper cause than mere feminism; feminism is simply a logical outgrowth of the ideology of fear, which gives rise to competition.

In a non-competitive society, feminism is absurd, literally, having no function, solving no problem.  In the competitive society, it negates itself.  It is therefore false.  But this means its antithesis, patriarchy - from whence sprang feminism - is false as well.

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